What is the biggest bird?

This week, the Inquisitive Iguanas researched what the biggest bird is. The answer is the ostrich. Male ostriches can be up to 9 feet tall and weigh up to 280 pounds. Even their eggs are huge, up to 7 inches long and weighing 3 pounds (that's as heavy as 24 chicken eggs!)

Ostriches are the biggest living birds. The largest bird ever to live was called Aepyornis, or the "elephant bird." It was a foot taller than the ostrich and more than twice as heavy, weighing 880 pounds. This giant bird didn't become extinct till the 1600's, but it only lived in remote parts of the island of Madagascar, so not too many people ever had a chance to see one before they died out.

Here are our Internet sources about the biggest bird:
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