Why does your stomach growl?

This week, the Inquisitive Iguanas researched why people's stomachs growl. Usually, stomach growling (called "borborygmus" by scientists) is a harmless side effect of normal digestion. When your body needs to move partially digested food from your stomach into your small intestine, your stomach and the upper part of your small intestine contract. That forces the food further down into your intestinal tract, and it also makes a grumbling sound. The sound is louder when the rest of your stomach is empty, so that's why people notice their stomach growling more when they are hungry.

There are also some medical reasons that can cause people's stomachs to growl. Allergies like lactose intolerance or celiac disease can make your stomach growl, and so can any illness that gives you gas, like indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, or food poisoning. But a growling stomach is never the only symptom of any of these illnesses, so unless you're having other medical problems, your growling stomach probably just means that your digestive system is doing its job!

Here are our Internet sources about growling stomachs:
Why Your Stomach Growls, Borborygmus or Stomach Growling, and Why Do Stomachs Growl?

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