Who invented the light bulb?

The inventor of the light bulb was Thomas Edison. He invented it in 1879. Edison made a lot of other important inventions besides the light bulb, such as the phonograph (which was the first kind of record player) and the kinetoscope (which recorded the first motion pictures or movies.)

We learned that some other people before Edison managed to make light electrically. The first one was Humphry Davy in 1809. He used an electric current to make carbon glow, but he didn't make a lightbulb out of it. Also another inventor, named James Swan, made a light bulb one year before Edison did, but it wasn't practical because it only lasted for 13 hours before going out. Edison's light bulb lasted for 1500 hours and the design he created is still the one that is used today. That is why he is called the inventor of the light bulb.

Here are some websites we found about Thomas Edison and light bulbs:
The Inventions of Thomas Edison Wikipedia: Thomas Alva Edison The Perfection of the Electric Light Bulb

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