What is St Patrick's Day about?

St Patrick's Day is a holiday celebrating Irish culture. In the Catholic church there are special holidays or "feast days" for every saint and the special day honoring Saint Patrick is on March 17th. The reason why it is March 17th is that Saint Patrick died on March 17th of the year 493. Anyway, originally the holiday was a serious religious holiday to Irish Catholics because St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. But Irish immigrants to the United States began using St Patrick's Day as a way to celebrate their culture and traditions. Today, people with Irish heritage all over the world celebrate St Patrick's Day, and even non-Irish people like to join in too. Some of the things people like to do on St Patrick's Day are singing Irish songs, doing Irish dancing, and coloring everything green because that is the national color of Ireland. In Chicago they even dye the river green on St Patrick's Day!

Here are some websites where we found information about St. Patrick's Day:
History Com: St Patrick's Day Wikipedia: Saint Patrick's Day About Saint Patrick

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